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Meet each other, a total of Juan Juan, Yingying tears, who is happy, for whom? Light and light, the moon is short of the moon, with the hand in hand, sleep together, who is suffering, who is happy? Under the shade of flowers, before the golden plaque, the red words of the vain, the long story, the low-browed eyebrows, the soul of the soul. Even meet, tired, tired and tender, Xie Cangtian, heart broken, clothes wide, and ask this, a few sleepless? In an instant, people are scattered, secluded, difficult to play, a few bars, asked the clouds, and asked Lao Yan, tears. Sad and sorrowful, sorrowful, still empty, sunset, shy to the water, shy to the cold mountain, horrible and easy to be old, �� first spot, empty to the flower shape, drunk in the search for a few degrees, but why not spend a good month Round, a worry, a complaint, but before the mirror on the dressing table, people are thin, blushing, embarrassed, difficult to draw, trying to make a life-threatening situation, no words, who is pity? The dream is still there, the soul is broken, and this sentiment is difficult to dissipate. Jiao Yan, Miao Man Man, even the scenery is so good, how can you feel disheartened, lazy, silent, silently sighing at the night, on the edge of the soul flying, who is holding up the incense of the column, in the prayers of the golden year, The inch of the shadow of the dreams of the soul? Adhering to the lingering tenderness of the past, the thought of destroying the heart and breaking the heart, indulging in the fate of the past life. Through the thousands of eyes and half-hearted eyes, you can see the fascinating beauty of the world. In an instant, a shy lotus [url=http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/]Newport 100S[/url], free from the hustle and bustle of the silk, like a dream, Yan Nana came to you, with inexhaustible soft whispers, along the slight surplus of clear Dew, infiltrating the long line of the meditation of the Buddha's heart, in the whirlwind of the sky, ask the tight string of the bottom of my heart, may pull back to the beginning of the dream spread. The love that grows up in the long hair, in the moment of a deep affection, with the ethereal hairspring slowly entangled, falling in front of your sleeping window [url=http://www.vipusacigarettes.com/]Cigarettes Online[/url], let the glory and lightness of the rendering, who lonely the heart of the quiet ��? Supremely handy, pick up the heavy love and pity, carefully smashed into your eyebrows, in the depths of the lights, dreams like flowers, musk thick, love and sorrow, who stirred up deep inside, that stupid The thirst for the building to look far, and see the smoke, the erratic flow of fire, drops a little bit, rising and hovering, just like your nightmare call, lock the dust of this world you do not understand. I am a long-sworded sword, wandering around the world, urging horses to tens of thousands of dollars, regardless of the desert fly dust, just to take a look, your mirage-like joy. Flying over the long cellar, let Acacia spread freely, penetrate the barrier of smoke, I saw you filled with a melancholy face. I flew under the moon, praying silently and piously, let the cinnamon be sloppy, drop your hair, moisten your skirt, and your peerless face in my heart. When the hoarfrost covers the ground and the forest is full of dyes, I will forget the cold pain of the bones through the long river that is harmonious with the ice and water, let the thoughts flood, capture the shadow of your dreams, on the shore of the pure Acacia Lake. When the redness is gone, the fragrance is ruined. In the midsummer, which is covered with the tears of Yingrunzhu, I quietly begin to sneak at the sly smile of your lips. Looking back at the old dreams, Tingting Yuli, spotless I am the lotus that you have been for thousands of years before the Buddha. For the millennium, only for a meeting in this life, let the years wash away the lead, but wait for the millennium's long-cherished wish. Looking back, a pity, a fragrant smile, a million words, when Juan Juan Xiaoxiang, a total of words on the Xianghe River who is in the middle of the night to play the strings? Who is the phoenix pillow to leave tears? Who saw the butterfly, but closed the window? Who is sweeping the leaves, is it sour? Who is sighing at the dry place? Who is complaining when people are still quiet? Who is tearing the wine? Who is happy? Who wants to shed tears first? Who wants to sing a string to sing a love song, swallow acacia, write a sly word, and send a bitter sorrow; smash a red leaf, think about it, slap a flower, bury love and love; dance one With a sleek dress [url=http://www.webvipsmoking.com/]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], the feathers drift away, a small drink, a distressed and dilute; Fuss a piece of music, lead tears, blowing a voice, recalling Jinliu years.
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