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ts and turns; in the face of the great river of life, there will be sorrow and sigh, and there will be nothing to do. You made me understand that I have to face everything bravely. The flowers in the heart are open, and the petals contain the millennium of Fanghua, which blooms in the heart and is full of fragrance. Through the charming moonlight, I finally saw you. You surprised me, there is a flower in your heart standing in the wind, unyielding and unyielding, looking at the flowers swaying in the wind [url=http://www.webvipsmoking.com/]Online Cigarettes[/url], I laughed. You, a shining soul, your life and the prosperous Tang dynasty disappeared in the long river of history, but your spirit is still in my heart, landing, rooting, sprouting, and opening a flower that never fades. Although it is thousands of years away, your poetry and temperament have frozen the passing time. In my heart, there is a flower filled with your Fanghua. The second world has a flower that will never fade. It is a smile. It does not divide the four seasons, regardless of the north and south of the country, as long as there is a place where it will bloom [url=http://www.vipusacigarettes.com/]Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. The more there is a heart of a child, the more beautiful the flower of smile is. I love to smile and deeply indulge in this beautiful expression [url=http://www.cigarettesusaonline.com/]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. Because the person who smiles forever is happy, the person who smiles forever is beautiful. In elementary school, I met many friends and they are fixed every year, so I smile and face life every day. But when I was in middle school, everything changed and my studies became more serious. More importantly, there are no close friends and no classmates who have met. In this strange environment, I became solitary, frustrated, and unable to devote myself to learning. This became a major issue for me to go to middle school. But until one day, she changed my life, let me find the light "������,������" from the darkness, the bell rang, and the classmates ran like a dislocated wild horse outside the classroom. Suddenly a classmate touched my ruler, I was very angry, but I did not pay attention to him. At this time, I saw a figure that bent over the ruler. She stood up and smiled and said to me, "Your ruler." At that time, I felt that I saw a blooming flower, beautiful, beautiful. This is the first time she smiled at me. Since she smiled at me once, I felt like I should smile like her. Every time I saw her, she always saw her face full of smiles, watching her chat with other classmates so happy, but now she has fallen to such a point. No, I have to let go of these frustrations. So I also tried to communicate with others and ask questions to the teacher. Soon, I made friends, united and helped each other, and I could see the smile on my face every day. At this time, I really understood the meaning of smile, it is so beautiful. Now she is in the same class as me, and I became her best friend. I hope to smile her often, I hope she will always be happy and happy to bring smiles to others, to smile with life, not to seek happiness, no longer beg for mercy, to walk through each season with a smile, to spread the smile to the Quartet.
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