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Everything is so sudden, just because of a corner. He looked at her and picked up a piece of paper that was knocked down by him like a butterfly on the wet ground. Sorry to open it, sorry, I will help you. Thank you, it��s my fault. She walked too fast and hit her. She looked up and smiled. The four eyes are opposite, and both of them are stunned for a moment. He seems to know her smile, she is unforgettable for his figure. Just as they looked at each other, the female partner next to her pulled her away and hurried away. Looking at her back, he laughed too sensitive. However, a small embarrassment made him remember her. At the same time, she also remembered him - a familiar stranger [url=http://www.webvipsmoking.com/]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. In the rain. He met her again. He did not forget her, she did not forget him. In the vast sea of ??people, she supported her blue paper umbrella and came to him. It seemed to be a fairy who was not eating the fireworks. She was beautiful and refined. When she approached him, she smiled mischievously. , stretch the blue paper umbrella in his hand to him without an umbrella. He glanced under the umbrella and smiled. At this point, there is no need to say much. Finally, he met her and she knew him. In the rain. He was a confidant in a beautiful encounter, and he and she became confidants. He and she have known each other for many years. They are so familiar with each other. He is as intoxicated with literature as her, always lingering in sad words; he loves drizzle like her. Always strolling in the rain with a blue paper umbrella; he and her are yearning for the misty and rainy Jiangnan, always visiting thousands of times in his dreams; he likes her to appreciate the "small bridges" of Suzhou gardens, always looking forward to owning An ancient garden; he loves painting as much as she does, always thinking that he is so similar to her through a brush, so he and she become confidants in a drizzle day. He has the feeling that "life has to know one's own death without regrets", and she also has the feeling of being late. Two similar people, the heart is gradually moving closer. In the rain. A romantic story begins in the rain. He left with her. He is about to go south to study, to pursue the long-awaited Yannan Jiangnan. But God can get people [url=http://www.webvipsmoking.com/]Online Cigarettes[/url], but she soon went to the cold place in the north. Her supporter's blue paper umbrella stood at the window and stared at him inside the car. He is silent in the car. "Cut constantly, it is still chaotic, it is away from you, don't have a taste in his heart [url=http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/]mokingusacigarettes.com[/url]. He and her face each other. Even though he has no choice, even if she is not willing, but he still needs to go forward. In the car, he looked at her The gift given - a diary that recorded him and her bit by bit is speechless. Outside the window, she still smiles at him in the rain, just like the time. However, her eyes do not know when to smash. His heart is full of bitterness The train finally started, the scenery outside the window slowly receded, the figure of the blue paper umbrella gradually blurred, but he turned back unwillingly, as if looking for the most precious things in life. And she, the viewer who left him The direction is too late to leave the rain. After a long period of sorrow, he will slowly recall her when strolling in the rain. She will also walk in the rain when he
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